One app to rule them all

Station is the first smart workstation for busy people.
A single place for all of your work applications.

Keep your work nicely organized.

No more getting lost in tons of tabs. Station is designed to let you switch between all your work applications in one click. It adapts to you and your way of working.

Easily bookmark the most important parts of your work and wake up every morning with a clean work environment.

Find what you need in a heartbeat.

The unified search lets you find any information or page you have saved across all your applications. No need to bother where you left it in the first place, you can instantly switch between various pages or documents. Think Spotlight but for all your web applications.

Stay ahead of the game.

Never miss a thing but never let notifications ruin your day. The notification center allows you to visualize and gain complete control over all your notifications across all your apps. Switch to "focus mode" to keep a cool head when you most need it.

Stay focused all day long. And night.

Enjoy a dedicated space for all your work, away from the distractions of your personal apps. Station is where work gets done. As simple as that.

Cherry on the cake: Station intelligently manages your memory so slow-downs remain just a thing of the past

We support all your favorite apps.

Station already comes with more than 300 applications, and we add new ones each week.

Oh, and did we tell you Station is free?

Join the pioneers and give your work-life an upgrade!