One app to rule them all

Station is the first smart workstation for busy people.
A single place for all of your web-applications.


Voted # 1 product of 2017 on Product Hunt

Lost in tabs?
Keep your work neatly organized with the smart dock.

Station automatically groups your pages by application. Your workspace is cleaner than ever, distractions are reduced.

Screenshot - Lost in tabs
Screenshot - Search

Switching context is a pain?
Become a multitasking beast with quick switch.

No need to remember where you put things in the first place, the quick switch is an easy central way to search among your apps and pages. That opened spreadsheet, to-do list or document is now just a click away!

Getting distracted easily?
Station has been designed as a work only, distraction-free platform.

Enjoy a dedicated space for all your work, away from the distractions of your personal apps. Station is where work gets done. As simple as that.

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Work faster, save time

They use Station everyday.
They love Station.
Here is why.

If you do as much as I do in your browser (specifically in Google Suite) you should use Station - I use it every single day and it's been amazing! It has made my work life much easier.

— Michael Seibel, CEO of YCombinator

“Station immediately became a must-have for my daily workflow. Instead of having my SaaS apps cluttering my browser window and taskbar, Station provides a streamlined, well-organized, intuitive interface that keeps all of my most used services at my fingertips.”

— Scott, Implementation Specialist @ Hubspot

Got 99 tabs open but now only one. Station makes it much easier to navigate the apps you use every day. It's now part of our team's onboarding for the sake of new hires.”

— Jean-Mathieu, Data Engineer @ Datadog